SSiC Radiation Tube Parts

SiC radiant tube range includes self preheating burners, burner nozzles, inner tubes, jacket pipe, spacer cross, heat exchanger, etc. We are also capable of customized parts according to the client’s specialist applications.

Oustek’s silicon carbide products adapt reaction sintering and isostatic pressing technology, which makes the products’ density up to 3.1kg/m³, the maximum working temperature reaches up to 1380 ℃ (2500 ℉).

  • High strength, high hardness, wear resistance, low density.
  • High attenuation performance, low thermal expansion, high thermal shock resistance, high temperature creep resistance.
  • Chemical stability, corrosion resistance, especially hydrofluoric acid resistance.
  • High-temperature resistance, excellent refractory material.
  • Long service life and reduce overall investment cost
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