SSiC Tubular Heat Exchanger


Silicon carbide tubular heat exchanger is widely used in various furnaces of hot blast, heat treatment, baking equipment, and soaking pits, oil and gas boilers of steel, machinery, building materials, petrochemical, non-ferrous metal smelting and other industries

It is used to directly recover 850-1400 ℃ waste high-temperature flue gas heat emitted by industrial furnaces and heat the combustion air and gas to above 1000 ℃. It can make the medium etc. pass at a high speed, it has an excellent performance in heat exchange efficiency, and it does not pollute the medium, it is a very clean material.

Oustek’s silicon carbide tubular heat exchanger adopts isostatic pressing, net size sintering and mechanical finishing technique, it produces heat exchange pipe with density up to 3.1kg/m³. Adopts silicon carbide for high-quality refractories with purity up to 98.5%, so the maximum working temperature reaches up to 1380 ℃ (2500 ℉).


The ceramic heat exchanger is widely used in various gas industrial kilns in metallurgy, refractory, building materials, nonferrous metals, chemical industry and other industries. For example, Hot blast furnace, soaking furnace, forging furnace, casting furnace, smelting furnace, glass kiln, shuttle kiln, inverted smoke kiln, rotary kiln, tunnel kiln, etc. The exchanger can be adopted as long as the place where the heat source is used and the reboiler (cooler) for chemical heat exchange.


  • High strength, high hardness, wear resistance, density up to 3.1kg / m3.
  • High attenuation performance, low thermal expansion, high thermal shock resistance, high temperature creep resistance
  • Chemical stability, corrosion resistance, especially hydrofluoric acid resistance
  • High-temperature resistance, maximum operating temperature up to 1380 ℃ (2500 ℉).
  • Excellent thermal conductivity can save energy and reduce energy costs
  • Long service life and reduce overall investment cost


Isostatic Pressing

With self-own isostatic pressing equipment, all products use isostatic pressing technology to make the green body uniformly stressed, the density distribution is uniform, and the product performance is greatly improved. There are incomparable advantages when molding complex shapes, elongated products, large-sized products, and precision-sized products.

Isostatic Pressing Equipment
ISO 9001 oustek

Production & Management

Our factory has 10 complete production lines and 30 employees, including 10 technical personnel, 4 engineers, and 5 management personnel. Monthly production reaches 10 thousand (vortex nozzle). We passed the ISO 9001: 2015 quality system certification, making the production process more standardized, improving the management level and production x…

Test Report

The silicon carbide products we produce comply with Chinese national standard GB / T 21944 2009. After testing by Sinochem, we provide reliable test reports for product quality and provide data basis for optimization and research and development of production formulas.

Silicon Carbide Test Report

Shipping & Packing

We guarantee intact during transportation, loading and unloading, and have measures to reduce vibration and impact, so as to ensure the integrity of the product during transportation. And promise a 15-month product warranty.

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